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Xfplay for Android

Xfplay has a powerful multimedia playback engine, supports magnet uri, BT torrent seeds, multiple streaming media, live broadcast, and on-demand protocols. It is a multi-functional media player running on the Android system.

Multi-function playback
Powerful multi-format support and decoding.
Full support for all popular audio and video formats.
Screen gesture
Slide the left screen up and down to adjust the brightness.
Adjust the volume up and down on the right screen.
Full screen up and down to adjust the progress.
Powerful decoding
Hardware acceleration mode, normal mode, smooth mode free switching.
CPU instruction set supporting ARM and X86 architecture.
Flat glass interface
Change according to system theme and background changes.
Glass flat playlist and control bar.
Android for Xfplay, now has 37 kinds of interface language pack, support almost all countries. According to the installation of the system automatically switches languages.
Online play and powerful search function
Support for various streaming media such as xfplay, rtsp, http, mms, on-demand and live broadcast protocols.
Powerful search function allows you to instantly find the audiovisual files you need.

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